Single Hung Windows

7100 Series

single hung window diagram image


  1. Extruded Nail Fin (removable for replacement applications)
  2. Full extruded recessed J-channel
  3. Beveled exterior main-frame
  4. Quanex building products most advanced warm edge spacer duralite®
  5. 3/4" Insulated double strength glass unit
  6. Fully extruded interlock at sash locking rail
  7. Reinforced innergy™ rigid thermal interlock system available (standard in meeting rail only)
  8. Multi-point double barrier-fin  weather stripping system along sash and mainframe
  9. Sloped sill design
  10. Multi-chambered sash and main-frame
  11. Foam-filled frame available
  12. Fully extruded lift rail
  13. E-Z Tilt™ Sash design with routed flush mount dual tilt latches
  14. Triple-pane glass options available
  15. Uniframe twin option available


  1. Sunshield® Virgin Vinyl with titanium alloy compound
  2. Main-frame Jamb Depth Dimension of 3 1/4"
  3. Patented fusion welded frame and sash
  4. Constant force balance system

NFRC Test Ratings:

Model U-Factor SHGC
700 PW .27 .27
7100 SH .28 .26
7300 SS .27 .26

Available Colors:

available in arctic white

Arctic White

available in desert sand

Desert Sand

Available in classic clay

Classic Clay

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